It is our hope that with the launch of Edge High School’s new website in January, 2019 we will be better able to engage visitors and stakeholders. Further, we intend to do a better job of telling the story of Edge High School while sharing our  mission and vision  so that the community understands our unique role in Tucson! We will be spotlighting numerous success stories so you hear it from the mouths of students, parents, and staff!

On January 20th-26th we will be celebrating National School Choice Week! Twenty five years ago students and families had very few choices in schools. The only options were the neighborhood public school or the local private school, which was often financially inaccessible to most families. Today, choice abounds. Charter schools, homeschooling, vocational schools, online schools, private schools, and traditional public schools provide ample choice to students and families. With so many choices why should you choose a charter school? Why do over 185,000 Arizona youth choose to attend charter schools? Consider the following 5 benefits of attending a charter school.

Small Class Sizes

Most charter schools are designed with intent of providing smaller class sizes compared to traditional public schools. Smaller classes sizes allow students better access to instructional support and maximize opportunities for one-on-one time support. At Edge, our class sizes are capped at 22 students per class. Small class sizes allow our teachers to personalize the instruction for each student and to easily assess each student’s needs.

Unique Focus

Many charter schools were created to specialize in a particular area, such as fine arts, math and science, or project based learning. Each charter school clearly defines their area of focus on their website and in print materials. This gives prospective students and parents more information to match a school that fits their student’s needs. At Edge our unique focus is in helping students recover credit if they are behind or accelerate their learning if they are already caught up. We also focus on diagnosing skill gaps and building structures and support to help students build up their skills.

Inclusive school community

Most charter schools actively build and maintain an inclusive school culture that embraces and celebrates the uniqueness of all stakeholders. Charter schools are public schools which means any student can attend. At Edge, students are given a voice and have numerous opportunities to get involved in the school. At Edge, students can be themselves!


Charter schools were created with the intent of improving student achievement results by giving charter schools more curricular, instructional, and managerial freedom compared to traditional public schools, in exchange for greater accountability. A charter school’s contract with the Arizona State Board For Charter Schools contains specific goals for student achievement. Schools that do not achieve these goals risk being closed. At Edge, students are held accountable through goal setting and progress monitoring with their teachers. Teachers and school leadership meet every two weeks to review student progress, celebrate success, and plan interventions for students who are struggling.

Enrichment Opportunities

Aided by small class sizes and small student bodies, most charter schools provide ample opportunities to enrich  learning and enhance the school experience. These experiences are often not accessible to all students in a traditional public school. Unique classes, field trips, projects, school clubs, and school trips help support  student engagement and learning. At Edge students have the opportunity to participate in field trips to the University of Arizona, Kartchner Caverns, and with the Arizona Trails Association. After school clubs include the Girls Club, The Hiking Club, The Running Club, and The Guys Club. Edge offers the following sports to students: Flag football, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Boys Volleyball, and Co-ed soccer. School trips planned for the school year include a group going to Disneyland, and groups going to visit the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona University.