Individualized Learning – What to Expect

We are here to help you achieve success!

Campus Tour and Visit

Learn about the school

  • Meet the Counselors and Administration
  • Learn about what makes Edge different
  • Tour the campus to view classrooms and resources

Tell us about you

  • Talk about your plan and goals for graduation and future
  • Tell us what you need in a school to be successful

Schedule your math and reading post-enrollment skills review
Pick your morning or afternoon schedule

First Day

Before school

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to pick up your schedule
  • Staff led tour of your class locations

School Day

  • Four classes, with brief passing periods between classes
  • Each teacher will meet with you one on one to identify your course needs and schedule
    your first course
  • Each teacher will provide you with their classroom norms and get you started on your

After school

  • Check in with guidance counselor to address any needs

First Week

Check in with Counselors

  • A school counselor will meet with you regarding your schedule and any changes that
    need to be made. They will also review your transcript and make your plan to graduate.

Check in with teachers

  • Each teacher will check in with you on your progress in their class. Together you will
    make a plan for successfully completing the course and earning your first credits!

Know your transportation options – Meet with a Counselor or Registrar to find your solution

Learn about clubs and sports – Attend a meeting during the week

Get to know your support team

  • The school staff will meet you to support you with other school areas like the
    student ID, sports, clubs and computer resources.

Each Quarter

Start your quarter by meeting with your teachers and counselors to check your progress
towards credit earning and graduation

Make a plan with teachers on how to get ahead or get caught up

Celebrate your success during the quarterly Honor Roll Assembly

Take part in a field trip in one of your courses

Select your electives for the next quarter

End your quarter by following up with teachers and counselors on your goals and progress in your courses

Each Year

Make a difference in the community by taking part in Days of Service

Stretch your mind in annual Design Day challenges

Be a part of Edge tradition with Grad Walks throughout the year

Participate in a club trip

Talk to a counselor about ways to earn credit outside of school

Learn about summer classes and activities

Graduation Year

Keep track of those last few credits by meeting monthly with counselors and teachers

Make a plan for school and career options after graduation

Take part in senior breakfast to celebrate your graduation with your peers

Prepare to celebrate with friends and loved ones