Alternative High School – Get The Edge Difference

At Edge, we believe you have a choice in your education and our goal is to support your growth and help you meet your individual goals! Being a part of the Edge community means finding support from teachers, staff, counselors, and your peers. In a small school, we are all here to support each other and grow together. Below is a list of the of the many ways we help each each student meet their individual goals. Thank you for choosing Edge – let’s start building your success!

The Edge Difference

Edge High School other Schools
Class size 22 students or fewer 30 students or more
Total school enrollment Himmel Park 170 / Northwest 75 1,500 or more
Flexible Schedule AM/PM Sessions, 4.5 hour day One session, 6 or more hours
Campuses Central Tucson
Northwest Tucson
Counseling Services 50 student to 1 counselor 300 student to 1 counselor
School Breakfast & Lunch Program Available at Himmel Park Available at most schools
Extracurricular activities Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball Running, Hiking Traditional sports and extracurricular programs
Transportation 30-Day Sun Tran passes provided to those who qualify School bus system
Computer resources Nearly 1 to 1 in the classroom Fewer computers in the classroom, mostly computer lab
Learning resources Student choice - Text book or computer based School selected no student choice
School Community Everybody knows your name and is here to help you succeed Only teachers and assigned counselors

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