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Tell a Friend

You know who you are. You have likes and dislikes. You have preferences, you have ideas and you have a voice. You matter.  You deserve respect. You deserve joy. You deserve a reward for hard…

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Close Encounters of the Heard Kind 

At Edge, students, staff and families listen to each other. Our open door, "no conversation is too hard" approach informs everything we do. We want to know when things are challenging and we want to…

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4th Quarter Learning Option Survey

Good Morning Edge Students and Support Persons - Edge High School's Board of Directors voted at it's February 17th meeting to begin implementing a Hybrid In-Person Learning Model for the 4th Quarter which begins on…

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Are You Safe? 

What does it mean to feel safe? How do we create a safe school? Why do 100% of Edge parents think their kids feel safe at our school?   Edge is a safe school. We align…

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