Counseling Supports At Edge

Meet Lo Sanders, Edge’s amazing counselor! In this video, Lo introduces himself, lets you know how to reach him, and discusses what counseling supports are available outside of Edge.

Students and their support persons can reach Lo at:


Tips From A Teacher

Edge social studies teacher, Greg Cooper, gives tips to students about how to be productive during distance learning. Whether you are a returning student or brand new to Edge, Greg details actionable steps that you can begin to implement today! Struggling to find motivation in distance learning? Follow Greg’s guidance on how to pivot!

Opportunities for 1on1 instruction abound in distance learning!

Edge English teacher, Sophie Maloney, explains how distance learning allows for more opportunities to get 1on1 help. We encourage you to take advantage of these simple ways to get more help!

How To Access Google Classroom & Other Online Resources

Edge Science Teacher, Lee Borzick, shows students how to access and navigate in Google Classroom, and how to access your online curriculum platforms.

Attendance Reminder

Distance Learning Attendance Policy

In order to be consider present for any class students must do the following:

1) Go to their Google Classroom and complete the bell work assignment and join the Google Meet for instructions

AND do at least 1 of the following:

2) Complete an assignment for the course or take a quiz or test for the course.


3) Participate in 1on1 instruction in Google Meets with your teacher

*Please note just doing step 1 will result in an absence for the the class that day.

What To Do When You Know You Are Going to Be Absent

1) Call the school and notify us that you will not be at school that day.
2) Email each of your teachers and let them know not to expect you
3) Sometime that same day, either before or after your school day session, make sure to complete an hour or more worth of course work for each class.

*Students may be scheduled to make-up absences when they continuously miss school and don’t complete school work

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


1) You refer a friend or family member who enrolls at Edge.
2) The friend or family member stays enrolled for 9 weeks.
3) The friend or family members has fewer than 9 absences and stays in good standing without suspensions during the 9 weeks
= A brand new Chromebook is yours!

Email: or

What are the school health guidelines for reopening schools? How will we know when it is safe?

The Arizona Department of Health Services and the Pima County Health Department have established guidelines for determining when COVID-19 community spread has reduced in the County and is more conducive to opening schools. These benchmarks are guidelines for which school governing boards can make a determination if it is safe to open their school. Let’s take a look at the guidelines.

Arizona Department of Health Services-Schools

ADHS Website

There are three benchmarks as follows –

● CASES: a two-week decline in the number of cases OR a two-week of a case rate of less than 100 cases per 100,000 population within the county;
● PERCENT POSITIVITY: for initial opening, two weeks of percent positivity less than 7% within the county; and
● COVID-LIKE ILLNESS (CLI): two weeks with hospital visits due to CLI below 10% within the region.
Each Thursday this information is updated on the ADHS website. The most recent data for 9/10/20 are here
As of 9/10/2020 Pima County has MET all three benchmarks.

Pima County Health Department

Pima County Health Department Data

There are 9 benchmarks as follows –

Disease Data –

● Cases: a two-week decline in the number of cases OR a two-week of a case rate of less than 10 cases per 100,000 population within the county;
● Percent Positivity: for initial opening, two weeks of percent positivity less than 5% within the county; and
● COVID-Like Illness (CLI): two weeks with hospital visits due to CLI below 5% within the region.

HealthCare System Availability-

● Lab Testing Availability
● Hospital Bed Capacity
● Sufficient PPE
Public Health Capacity-
● Timely Case investigation
● Testing of Symptomatic Contacts
● Support for patients who can’t be discharged home

As of 9/9/2020, Pima County has MET COVID-like illness, has NOT MET Timely Case investigation, and is IN PROGRESS on all seven other Pima County benchmarks.
Pima County Benchmark Data

Dr. Francsico Garcia, Pima County Chief Medical Officer, indicated that the benchmarks support consideration of hybrid instruction based on each school’s ability to address prevention and mitigation. Full in person instruction does not look to be recommendable until November or later.

Each month the Edge Governing Board will review the County Health Metrics for consideration of when the school can open for hybrid learning. The next Edge Governing Board meeting is Wednesday 9/23/2020.

Click here for free testing locations.