Thank you to our sponsors and volunteers!

Sponsor Spotlight

Plumb Plumbing and Geico

Thank you to Plumb Plumbing for supporting the Marine Biology students in their dedicated effort to reduce the use of plastic at Edge High School – Himmel Park. While on a marine ecology/biology field trip to Catalina Island in California, students learned about the plastic garbage patch in the pacific ocean students from Edge Himmel Park returned on a mission to reduce our schools footprint in the garbage patch. Many students purchase a plastic bottle of water every day. Students of the group advocated t the governing board about the important of setting aside funds for reusable bottle refill stations and also sot ought the support of Geico Foundation to acquire reusable bottles for current and future students. Plumb Plumbing helped see the project through to completion by volunteering their time to install two water refill stations at the campus! Thank you to Plumb Plumbing for all you do to support the Tucson community.

Volunteer Spotlight

Kathleen Dreier

Kathleen spent the fall quarter of 2018 leading Edge students in a digital photography elective learning the elements of photography and challenging the students to learn to capture their vision of what they see around them. Kathleen’s participatin as a volunteer has brought a new and exciting elective to Edge students who had the opportunity to work with a community professional. Kathleen is involved in many beautiful activities within the Tucson community and can be found at

We need volunteers!

We would like to encourage you to become a part of the wonderful volunteer community at Edge, an important component in the success of any charter school. Even if you only have a few hours a week or month to spare, please let us know. Together, there is so much we can do to make Edge an exceptional place for our children. Areas of need include:

  • Student Math and Reading Tutors
  • Elective Class Teachers
  • Technology Tutoring
  • Financial and Facilities Planning
  • Fundraising and Business Partnerships
  • Marketing and PR
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Get Active

Thank you to our sponsors and volunteers!