Becoming an Edge Student

  • When can I enroll?

    Edge High School enrolls students on ongoing basis throughout the year. There is no need to wait until the end of a month or the end of a quarter. Simply completed a registration packet and start the next school day!

    When can I enroll?
  • What do I need to enroll?
  • What time is school?
  • When can I graduate?
  • How many classes will I take?
  • Is school year round?
  • I have a job; can I still go to school?
  • Do I have a different teacher for each subject?
  • Does Edge give real diplomas?
  • Do you have extracurricular sports and activities?
  • Do you offer transportation?
  • What is the attendance policy?
  • How do I contact the school?
  • How do I earn credit?
  • Will I receive more help than in my previous school?
  • I have an IEP, do you have services for my need?
  • How can I get caught up on credits or get ahead?
  • Are there fieldtrips?
  • Do you have counselors? What support do they offer?
  • What school district is Edge part of?
  • What is a charter school?
  • How long has Edge been a school?
  • How did Edge get its name?
  • What does it cost to attend Edge?
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