The staff of Edge High School hopes this update finds everyone in a safe and healthy environment. As we all learn to become more successful with our “new” normal in education we want to communicate some changes to academic expectations for the remainder of school closure. The staff at Edge are working diligently over the past several weeks fine tuning their skills to help support all of our students as they work from home. As we continue to provide educational support to our Edge students we want to clarify these temporary accommodations to our graduation and grading policies.

All Edge students will continue to meet State of Arizona requirements of earning 22 credits to receive a high school diploma. Edge High School is happy to report that we have already had one student meet these requirements during the school closure and is now a high school graduate. There are many more on this same path and will soon be high school graduates during this exceptional time in education.

Grading Policy
With the self-paced instructional model of Edge High School we will continue to have expectations of students completing all courses with a 70% or above to earn credit. We recommend that Edge students continue to work 3 – 4 hours per day on all of their academic classes until the end of the school year, May 22nd.

During the school closure several temporary accommodations have been made for all students to help make their academic work as successful as possible. Teachers are holding office hours using video conferencing platforms, they are using Google docs and classrooms, and continue to provide individualized support for students.

Specific content area accommodations are outlined below:

Chapter tests have been removed leaving only the two chapter quizzes. The total number of questions for both course practice and final tests have been reduced, and final projects for courses have been modified.

Students can work on a Project Based Learning unit, a book report and/or an argumentative research essay, as well as continue to work on resource packets for each course.

Social Studies
Chapter post tests have been reduced in all courses, post tests are now short answer responses to specific objectives in lieu of multiple choice tests. Multiple choice finals have been replaced with a project or with short answer questions.

Science finals are now a project that can be completed at home in lieu of multiple choice tests. Chapter post tests are now short answer responses to specific objectives in lieu of multiple choice tests.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and please understand that the Edge staff is here to support you and your student as much as possible. Please remain flexible, have patience, and remember to communicate if you are having difficulty. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Rob Pecharich or Dave Thatcher.

Stay Safe,
Edge High School Staff