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2019 campaign for the Catalina Island Field Trip

We are raising funds for our students to be able to participate in a 4-day science and history field trip that we are planning to Catalina Island, CA in the month of April 2019. This is an exciting opportunity in which students will experience a unique and diverse ecosystem and participate in a series of activities designed to stimulate scientific inquiry through hands-on learning, individual reflection, and team building. Students will engage in experimental and observational research and will enjoy activities such as wildlife viewing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and stargazing. In addition, we will visit the Salton Sea along our drive and will spend the first night on the USS Iowa where students will engage in STEM activities and experience life as a sailor aboard a vintage WW2 ship. Please consider supporting our GoFundMe Campaign!

2019 campaign to send Edge students out into the world!

One of the most powerful things Edge does for our students is to get them out, to help them see and experience the world and our community. Last year our Girls’ Club went to the Grand Canyon, a first for many of them. One commented that she had never seen “leaves changing.” Getting students out and into the world costs Edge $10,000 in van rental fees per year, not an easy thing for our small 250 student school to do, especially in a state ranked 49th in education spending. We can do better than that, with your help. We would like to buy our first school van, and we have a way to accomplish this goal that will help you and the students of Edge.

Funding for Arizona students is among the lowest in the nation; leaving Edge reliant on individual donations, grants and private foundations to provide a quality education with highly qualified teachers, student support services, extra-curricular activities, technology, and instructional materials.

Edge needs your help to continue providing small class sizes, individualized instruction, holistically oriented student guidance services, educational technologies, and enrichment experiences. Edge is dedicated to graduating students with the life skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century: in higher education, careers, and as productive members of our community.

Make an AZ School Tax Credit Donation to Edge (Arizona residents can contribute up to $200 for individuals or up to $400 for married couples); the amount can then be deducted dollar for dollar from Arizona state income tax as a tax credit.