With many stressors in teens’ lives, it is common to feel sad every once in a while. When we lose a friend, fail a test, or have personal issues going on at home, some sort of emotional reaction is bound to happen. However, when this sadness continues for a long period of time and causes feelings of hopelessness daily, it might be depression.

Here are common signs and symptoms of depression, when they last for two or more weeks:
• Lack of motivation or energy
• Diminished interest in friends and activities once enjoyed
• Suicidal thoughts
• Changes in sleeping or eating patterns
• Loss of care about hygiene
• Feelings of extreme sadness and hopelessness
• Restlessness
• Anger

If you or someone you know might be depressed, reach out and let someone know. Don’t keep it to yourself or feel embarrassed. Depression happens and it is not always our fault. A staff member or intern here at Edge will know the correct people to connect with to get you help.