Girls Club

The mission of Girls Club is to build friendships and share experiences. Club members participate in weekly team meetings to plan and fundraise for amazing activities all year long including, Halloween celebrations, sledding, walks through Winterhaven, gingerbread house building, roller skating, and an annual trip which have included Northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon or Disneyland.

Guys Club

The mission of Guys Club is to build community within the school and learn things together. Club members participate in team building activities and plan and fundraise for a club activity which has included arcade game playing and college tours.

Hiking Club

Take advantage of the beautiful environment we live in and get out and TAKE A HIKE! With the support of the Arizona Trails Association (ATA) club members go on 3-4 hikes per school year and also have the opportunity to apply for summer intern programs with ATA. The club focuses on building community and learning the skills and safety of hiking.

Running Club

The mission of Running Club is to get outside and enjoy moving. The club runs from October to March and includes twice weekly strength conditioning and running workouts after school. Club members are encouraged to identify a goal community run to participate in as a capstone to their growth. Students can earn PE credit with sufficient participation.

Sports Offered

Sports are offered on a quarterly basis in conjunction with the Southern Arizona Athletic Association league schedule or YMCA Charter League schedule. Student athletes have practice 2-3 days per week and competitive games 2 times per week.

Girls Volleyball (Fall)

Boys Flag Football (Fall)

Girls and Boys Basketball (Winter)