Good Morning Edge Students and Support Persons –

Edge High School’s Board of Directors voted at it’s February 17th meeting to begin implementing a Hybrid In-Person Learning Model for the 4th Quarter which begins on Monday, March 22. Students and Families will have the option of remaining in 100% Distance Learning for the remainder of the school or the Hybrid In-Person learning option. These options are detailed below. After reading through the options please select the option that best matches your needs now. A staff member will call you in the next week to confirm your selection and answer any questions. To facilitate planning and scheduling all surveys will need to be submitted by February 24th at 6pm. Once the 4th Quarter begins on March 22nd, there will be defined intervals to transition from one learning option to the other, if so desired.

The survey is now closed.
Please contact
Edge Himmel Park – Rob Pecharich
Edge Northwest – Dave Thatcher