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Edge assists high school students just like you — with makeup classes, earning missing credits, and catching up everyday. We help our students — at our always free public high school —  with flexible scheduling, lots of 1:1 support and all kinds of individualized pathways to learning and earning.

Don’t let summer slow down your goals. If you want that diploma — let’s do this! Enroll with Edge now. Earn credit for working AND working out! Here are four ways current and newly enrolling Edge students can snag credits this summer — courtesy of your fave tuition-free public high school — Edge:

1. Volunteer!

By volunteering 15 hours at a local non-profit agency you can earn .25 elective credit. Non-profit agencies operate to solve a community problem. You’ll learn about the agency and what they are doing to be part of a solution all while gaining leadership experience that you can add to a resume!

All we need is a letter or email from the agency verifying the hours you served and the type of work you did. Students can continuously do volunteer work in 15 hour increments up to 8 different times for up to 2.0 elective credits!

2. Have a J-O-B!

Students may earn vocational or elective credit for having a job!  Students can earn .25 credit for every 80 hours of verified work, as documented by a payroll statement from your employer. You can earn up to 1.0 vocational credit and 1.0  elective credit!

3. Go! Go! Go! To the Gym, Yoga Class or for a Run

PE credits await! Grab yours through independent physical activity. If you belong to a gym, participate in a dance class, martial arts class, yoga class, self-defense class, or join a charity walk or run, you can earn credit for every 30 hours of verified physical activity! All we need is a document signed by the instructor or print out of activity from your gym. That’s it!

4. Read & Review!

If it’s too hot outside and you’re done working, curl up with a good book. Then tell us about it! Students may earn elective credit by reading an approved novel and completing 6 assignments of your choosing from a menu of assignments. Students must work with their English teacher to select appropriate grade-level books. Students will earn .25 of elective credit for each book review submitted for up to 1.0 elective credit!

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About Edge

EDGE is a Cognia accredited, tuition-free, charter high school, with two campuses in the greater Tucson area. We provide an alternative to traditional education, meeting the diverse learning and life needs of our students with our blended curriculum and flexible morning or afternoon class schedules. Our high-quality, passionate teachers are dedicated to individualized instruction in our small academic classes. Be you. With us. At EDGE!